Our soil test helps farmers understand their soil by combining quantitative Next Generation DNA Sequencing with AI-driven analytics. 

Next Generation DNA Sequencing

Next Generation DNA Sequencing (NGS) provides a powerful technology to profile a soil's microbial population. NGS identifies the microbes in a soil sample by identifying their DNA. This approach readily identifies thousands of different microbes with one simple, unbiased, cost-effective test. In contrast, traditional culture, biochemical, and amplification based approaches typically only target single strains chosen in advance.


DNA sequencing produces enormous amounts of data, and making sense of it requires powerful algorithms. We extract agronomic insights from soil data using our proprietary AI-driven analytics platform. This platform improves with more and more data, ensuring that the insights we deliver farmers continue to improve as well.

How It Works


Collect soil from multiple areas of  field, combine and mix.


Ship soil to our lab in the prepaid package.


Extract DNA from soil.


Sequence DNA.


Analyze data and provide customer report.

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